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Cutting Edge Virtual Tastings will Revolutionize Bourbon Forever

New York (April 1, 2022) - Breaking Bourbon, the leading bourbon and American whiskey review website in the physical world, is staking claim as the number one bourbon and American whiskey review website in the metaverse. The groundbreaking site that delivers honest truthful reviews that are never influenced by brands or marketing agencies, is taking their ethical approach to the virtual world, allowing consumers to enjoy learning more about whiskey wherever they choose.

Breaking Bourbon realized the potential of the metaverse several years ago. “We’ve slowly been taking a strong interest in the metaverse over the last few years” says Eric Hasman, co-founder of Breaking Bourbon. “What was once just a tech pipe dream, has morphed into a game changer for whiskey. More and more of our readers are reaching out for our thoughts on some of the hottest brands in the metaverse, advice on which digital distilleries to visit, and the value of digital whiskeys. As more and more virtual worlds take off, we want to be at the forefront for our readers.”

It is expected that the metaverse could reach a trillion dollars in economic activity in 2022 and a portion of that will be through digital whiskey. The recent trend is clear - more and more digital whiskey brands are being introduced on a daily basis, and with that comes more digital liquor stores. Some of the hottest consumed and traded digital assets are digital whiskey, and it is projected that consumers will spend over $40 million on digital whiskey in 2022.

“Over the past 2 years we’ve been on a mission to try all of the latest brands in the metaverse,” states Nick Beiter, co-founder of Breaking Bourbon. “While we’ve seen a lot of brands come and go, many of the hottest brands in the metaverse continue to gain steam and sell for thousands of dollars on the open market. While values of digital whiskeys have not caught up to the real world secondary prices, in some cases they have exceeded their real world MSRP. Just last week a bottle of digital Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year sold for over $1,000 on an internal platform known as Craigaverselist. Based on this, speculators can only guess at how much a digital bottle with an analog wax top might be worth.”

It’s not just the fact that these brands exist, but consumers have a right to know what they’re like. “Whiskey in the metaverse is more than just a drunk ape holding a bottle of Old Corn Hooch Juice,” says Jordan Moskal, the third and final co-founder of Breaking Bourbon. “Consumers want to know not only what the whiskey looks like, but how their avatar will interact with it. Can they count on getting a digital buzz? Is it digitally smooth? What about the tasting notes for their avatar? How do you avoid a digital hangover? And how do you put on a digital ascot?”

Considering what is yet to come for whiskey inside the metaverse, Hasman expands further, “So far we have seen just standard offerings, but there are so many possibilities. Can whiskey be aged on a digital ocean? How about being subjected to digital heavy metal? Is it possible we might see ‘whiskey-ISOs’ in the future, potentially transforming whiskey as we know it in both the digital and real worlds?”

Maybe more importantly, Beiter notes, “Considering the complex set of rules that apply to bourbon and whiskey in the real world, which regulatory body will oversee digital whiskey? The TTB already struggles to enforce real world rules - does that mean Mark Zuckerberg will form a special task force of twenty-somethings to oversee and enforce this? And who gets to decide the rules anyway? Will that be tasked to only the most cynical whiskey Facebook groups?”

We reached out to members of Congress for comment on the potential regulatory issues, and according to Moskal, “Based on our research so far, members of Congress are either locked out of their Facebook accounts [thwarted by dual factor authentication protocols] or mostly stuck on the general idea. When asked, they seemed intent on having us explain the concept of NFTs instead, so we couldn't get too far.”

Consumers should have choices in life and that is why Breaking Bourbon will continue to post daily reviews and opinion pieces on their real world site, while also posting daily inside of the metaverse. The expansion into the metaverse is just one more way for the Breaking Bourbon’s co-founders to continue the company’s mission to be a forum to get together and have a good time, grab a drink, and break down what we’re tasting and thinking.

If you’re ready to take your whiskey knowledge to the next level, scan below to learn more:

About Breaking Bourbon

Breaking Bourbon is the leading online bourbon review and news destination. Started in 2014, Breaking Bourbon serves up nearly 14 million pageviews to over 3.5 million unique visitors per year, with the mission to empower consumers to be more knowledgeable in the dynamic world of bourbon and American whiskey. To learn more about Breaking Bourbon visit or or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For more information, please contact: or stop by our digital headquarters in the metaverse that we just acquired by trading 20 bottles of Old Corn Hooch Juice with Mark Zuckerberg himself. Happy April Fool’s Day everyone!

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April 1, 2022
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