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Spending a Night at Jack Daniel’s

Ever wonder what it would be like to spend a night at a distillery? It should be on every whiskey lover's bucket list.

Making History At MGP

This past week we had the opportunity to make history. Ross & Squibb Distillery, owned by MGP Ingredients is often shrouded in mystery only in that it isn’t open for public tours or really anyone else for that matter. While there, we got to do something no outside visitor has done in 80+ years.

Bourbon’s Next Era

Bourbon is beginning to settle into a “been there, done that” period. As bourbon consumers finally come down off this finished whiskey and gimmick “high,” the question arises: What direction will bourbon move to drive consumers to continually stay invested in it?

What makes dusty bourbon special?

Bourbon lovers may find themselves venturing deeper down the rabbit hole in search of something else other than the latest limited release. That something else is often what the greater whiskey collective calls, “dusties.” What makes dusties different from modern day bourbons? Are they better than the bourbons of today? Just what makes them so alluring?

What’s Next for Penelope Bourbon?

It’s been almost a year since the bourbon world was thunderstruck by the news of MGP Ingredients’ acquisition of Penelope Bourbon. This begs the question, what’s next?

What is Bourbon? Down the Rabbit Hole of America’s Native Spirit

What is bourbon? The answer is both simple and complex. Is ignorance bliss, or do you really want to know how to define the one spirit we can call 100% American?

Exploring Old Dominick’s In-House Distilled Small Batch Bourbon Series

Transitioning from sourced whiskey to your own distilate can be an exciting yet stressful time for a company. Old Dominick is currently undergoing this transition and we take a look at their new Small Batch Bourbon Series.

We drink bourbon from a 1970s defunct airline

Bourbon can go decades before it is opened, passing through various hands along the way. This is what happened when we recently stumbled upon a case of mini Elano-branded Maker’s Mark bottles.

Changing the Game: Blending’s Past, Present, and Future Through the Lens of American Whiskey's Preeminent Blender

"Blending" has been a dirty word in the American whiskey, but thanks to a combination of insight, persistence, and a bit of courage mustered by whiskey makers over the past decade, the concept of blending as it relates to bourbon and American whiskey has changed for the better.
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