SBC #03 "Road Warrior"

Breaking Bourbon Award Winning Single Barrel Club picks are selected by Breaking Bourbon, and whenever possible with the help of Patreon supporters. The bottles are made available to Patreon supporters first by pledge tier. If any bottles remain after all supporters have had an opportunity to purchase, they are made available to the public on a first come, first served basis. Each barrel is sponsored by a retailer partner, who sells the bottles directly to end purchasers.

Retailer Partner: Third Base Market & Spirits

Name: 1792 Full Proof

Company: Sazerac Company, Inc.

Distillery: Barton 1792 Distillery

Age: NAS

Proof: 125

Mashbill: Undisclosed (Marketed as “High rye,” and believed to be 15-25% rye)

Yield: 153 Bottles

Release Date: January 2019


For this pick, we partnered with our friends at Third Base Market & Spirits out of Grover Beach California. With an assortment of ongoing barrel picks at fantastic prices, we’ve been fortunate to try a handful of them (spoiler: they’re good). Additionally, this was one of two 1792 picks selected simultaneously, so check out the 1792 Single Barrel as well.

1792 Full Proof is 1792’s almost barrel proof bourbon. Bottled at its original barrel entry proof of 125, the bourbon comes out of the barrel at a higher proof and requires just a little bit of proofing down to get back to this proof, so it’s always pulled from barrels that have gone up in proof while aging. Not unlike the barrels presented here, we’ve noticed the 1792 Full Proof single barrel picks tend to be higher quality than the standard batched Full Proof version.

For this pick we were joined by long time Patreon supporter Richard out of Dallas, Texas, a bourbon enthusiast who got a similar start down the path to bourbon as many of us.

Unlike other barrel selections we’ve done, the three samples were within a relatively tight range of one another. All of them were good and it really came down to splitting hairs. The winner was ultimately a more complex version of 1792 Full Proof that was also more layered in complexity than the other options. The classic 1792 spice was present, but it layered in sweeter notes of caramel and vanilla more effectively to make is more easy-drinking high proof experience.

When it came to giving this barrel a nickname the idea of where the samples had travelled came up. Aged in Kentucky, then shipped to California, then shipped to Syracuse, New York. A portion then made its way to Dallas, Texas. That’s a lot of miles (over 6,500 to be exact)! For this well-travelled bourbon we decided to nickname it “Road Warrior.”

Distillers, Producers, and Retailers: If you would like to be a part of this program and get your name in front of millions of bourbon enthusiasts, contact us.

Please note these bottles will not be sold by Breaking Bourbon, but will be sold by retailers we partner with in order to fulfill the orders and ship the bottles directly to Patreon supporters. Breaking Bourbon will receive no compensation from our partner retailers under these agreements (with the exception of a bottle from each barrel for editorial purposes). If you represent a retailer and ship to consumers and you’re interested in partnering just let us know!

Written By: BB Team

January 24, 2019
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SBC #03 "Road Warrior"
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