SBC #28 "Antelope Playwrite"

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Retailer Partner: Keg N Bottle

Name: High West American Prairie Bourbon Finished in a Midwinter Night’s Dram Barrel

Classification: Blend of Straight Bourbons Finished in a Midwinter Night’s Dram Barrel

Company: High West Distillery

Distillery: Blend (MGP and other undisclosed source[s])

Age: 2 Years (Blend of bourbons aged 2 - 13 years) + Finishing Time

Proof: 92

Mashbill: Blend of 75% Corn, 21% Rye, 4% Malted Barley (from MGP) + 84% Corn, 8% Rye, 8% Malted Barley (from undisclosed source) + Other Undisclosed Mashbill(s)

Yield: 284 Bottles

Release Date: December 2020

Single Barrel Club Rollout Schedule

Simultaneous Rollout with SBC #33, #34, and #35

$25 - Tuesday 12/15/2020 @ 2PM ET

$14 - Thursday 12/17/2020 @ 2PM ET

$7 - Monday 12/21/2020 @ 2PM ET

$3, $2, $1 - Wednesday 12/23/2020 @ 2PM ET


For this double-header pick we partnered with Keg N Bottle out of California. A California retailer, Keg N Bottle was established in 1981 and has been in business for over 30 years. Keg N Bottle is known for strategically engineered “Liquor Walls” and “Beer Caves.” They carry every different type of liquor imaginable, a wine for every occasion, 1,500 different beers to make you “hoppy,” and over 1,250 different kegs to choose from. Additionally, Keg N Bottle offers national delivery of every single item from their massive selection.

We did this pick collaboratively with the folks from Keg N Bottle - each selecting separately then sharing the results. If we agreed, we’d go for it. Out of three options that were very different from one another it wasn’t only unanimous, it was a blowout. One a Ruby Port finish, one a Banyuls finish, and one a Midwinter Night’s Dram finish. We tasted these blind with very little information up front, and it was NO CONTEST. If you enjoy Midwinter Night’s Dram - a rye finished in French Oak port barrels with a heavy wine influence - just imagine layering that deliciousness onto a bourbon backbone with more balance and that’s what this is. The bourbon influence provides more structure, but the wine influence is still prominent. The balance is so much better that even those who find Midwinter Night’s Dram to be overly influenced by wine should find much to love with this pick.

For the sticker we kept this one simple. Playing off the concept of the Antelope featured on the front of the American Prairie bottle, we wanted to highlight the experimental nature of the ex Midwinter Night’s Dram barrel finish. We landed on a simple caution sign that captured all of the elements - the Antelope, the nature of the experimental finishing and the fact that Midwinter Night’s Dram plays off the play, Midwinter Night’s Dream hence the “Playwrite” aspect. Enjoy!

Tasting Notes

Nose: Raspberries | Cherry pie | Baking spices | Sweet

Palate: Summer fruit | Dark fruit | Raspberries | Caramel | Vanilla | Light oak | Full-bodied | Warming

Finish: Spice develops upfront | Red wine | Tapering sweetness | Medium length | Well-rounded

Imagine combining the backbone of classic bourbon flavors with the wine and rye influence of Midwinter Night’s Dram...absolutely delicious!

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Please note these bottles will not be sold by Breaking Bourbon, but will be sold by retailers we partner with in order to fulfill the orders and ship the bottles directly to Patreon supporters. Breaking Bourbon will receive no compensation from our partner retailers under these agreements (with the exception of a bottle from each barrel for editorial purposes). If you represent a retailer and ship to consumers and you’re interested in partnering just let us know!

Written By: BB Team

December 13, 2020
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SBC #28 "Antelope Playwrite"
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