Never Say Die Launches New Trans-Atlantic Aged Rye Whiskey

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Never Say Die

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Never Say Die, the trailblazing independent whiskey brand known for its innovative barrel aging techniques, is launching its ‘sweet mash’ Rye Whiskey in the US this April.

Never Say Die Rye Whiskey (70cl, 52.5% ABV, RRP $84.95) follows the same unique trans-Atlantic aging process as the brand’s award-winning Bourbons. Distilled in Kentucky, the rye rests in its original casks for at least five years before embarking on a six-week voyage across the Atlantic to the UK for further aging and maturation at White Peak Distillery.

Fresh off its "Master" win at the Global Spirit Masters Competition, Never Say Die Rye Whiskey boasts a pioneering "sweet mash" bill, deviating from the traditional sour mash method common in Kentucky. This, along with the unique aging process, results in a distinctive flavor profile that belies its age.

Never Say Die’s unique trans-Atlantic aging process follows in the hoofsteps of the legendary Kentucky-born racehorse that was saved at birth by a lucky shot of Bourbon and then went on to win the Epsom Derby at odds of 33-1, triggering a sequence of events that led to the formation of The Beatles.

Never Say Die Rye Whiskey Tasting Notes

Inviting aromas of baked savoury oak and toffee caramel balanced with lively notes of orange essence

Palate: Rich butterscotch and honeycomb lead into invigorating orange zest, layered with a herbaceous melody of sage, oregano and mint with complex notes of coriander and dill.

Finish: A heated finish of rye, clove and anise with lingering notes of freshly cracked pepper and refreshing notes of mint that last beyond each si

Never Say Die co-founder, Brian Luftman, says:

“The contrasting climatic conditions during this journey, coupled with the liquid getting a good shake-up as it crosses the Atlantic, really gives our whiskey a flavor that's way beyond its years. In our proprietary mash bill, we've got 56% rye, 33% corn, and 11% malted barley, creating this perfectly balanced profile. You'll catch hints of citrus, green herbs, and this lovely dance between punchy spice and buttery richness. We take pride in custom-producing all our barrels and put a lot of heart into crafting these whiskeys using nothing but 100% KY Proud®-sourced ingredients.  Never Say Die Rye Whiskey is a “Kentucky-style” rye with all of the spice and character of a rye whiskey, layered with the unmistakably sweet and smooth complexity of a Kentucky whiskey.”

Never Say Die Rye will be available in the USA from April 12th. It can be found on store shelves in Kentucky and Illinois, with more states to follow, and it is available to buy from Seelbach’s for $84.95.

published by: BBTEAM

April 12, 2024
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