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Bardstown, KY, October 13, 2021 - Molson Coors Beverage Company, the iconic beer producer with a two century foothold in the industry, today announces the release of its first-ever whiskey, Five Trail Blended American Whiskey. This release marks the company’s first venture into the full strength spirits category, and is only the beginning of the brand’s newest banner, Coors Whiskey Co. Five Trail is available at on & off premise locations across four markets, Colorado, Georgia, Nevada, and New York for a suggested retail price of $59.99.

While Five Trail is the first premium whiskey by Molson Coors, expanding into the category has been an aspiration of David Coors for the past twenty years. When he was tasked to lead the company as it transitioned from beer to beverages in 2018, that dream became a reality. To bring the expression to life, David sampled well over one-hundred whiskies before landing on a blend of Colorado single-malt whiskey and three bourbons, cut to 95 proof with Rocky Mountain water. The expression is distilled, blended and bottled in partnership with the award-winning, Kentucky-based Bardstown Bourbon Company.

“I’ve been wanting to make a whiskey for a very long time now - and now that dream is finally a reality,” explained David Coors, Vice President of Next Generation Beverages at Molson Coors. “As soon as we established the Next Generation Beverages Division in 2019, I knew one of our first products had to be a whiskey. Malted grain is essential to whiskey’s production and there were a number of distillers that were already using our malts in their expressions.  Consumers are open to experimenting now more than ever, so it seemed like the perfect time to foray into the world of brown spirits. We’re extremely proud of the blend we created, marrying Colorado provenance with the craft and skill of some of Kentucky’s and Indiana’s most renowned distillers, and I can’t wait for everyone to taste it!”

The result of this partnership is a unique, well-balanced blend artfully crafted by a team of five hands, helmed by a fifth generation member of the Coors legacy, both nods to the symbolic name of this special blend. On the palate, expect generous notes of sweet bourbon with hints of roasted nuts, honey, and caramel. The lingering notes of single malt are complemented by the spice of four grain bourbon and depth of wood and grain come from the 13-year-old Kentucky straight bourbon.

Best enjoyed neat or in classic cocktails like a Manhattan or Old Fashioned, Five Trail is a whiskey for all, including the most seasoned of palates and those looking for an approachable entry to the category. Furthermore, given its rich history in the brewing business, Five Trail will be a great whiskey for beer drinkers looking to dip their toes into whiskey.

“This whiskey will appeal to an array of drinkers, from novices to experts and connoisseurs alike,” said Peggy Noe Stevens, consulting Master Taster for Five Trail. “Each sip takes drinkers on a journey, starting off sweet with twists of creamy vanilla, honey-caramel and engaging flavors of custard and butterscotch. The flavor builds, ending with a spicy finish of ginger and cinnamon that lingers warm and dry. It’s robust and complex, making it versatile to enjoy over rocks and bold enough to hold its own in a cocktail.”

For more information on Five Trail Blended American Whiskey, visit and follow along on social at @FiveTrail.

About Five Trail Blended American Whiskey

Five Trail marries Colorado provenance with the innovative distillation techniques of pioneering distillers in Kentucky and Indiana to produce this golden whiskey, using Coors malt from the brand’s brewhouse and the purest water in America, straight from the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Five Trail is founded in an Unbroken Spirit, spanning a journey that started nearly two centuries ago, with trails, tribulations, and an enduring frontier spirit. The Coors brand has been forged on expertise, knowledge, and influences of all five generations.

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October 13, 2021
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