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Bardstown, KY | November 17, 2022 – After launching their inaugural flagship release, Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, to critical acclaim four months ago, Frank August is excited to announce that it will be introducing two, very limited expressions, to expand the brand’s portfolio offering: the brand’s first single barrel releases, as well as their introduction to the much anticipated ‘Case Study’ series. 

Single Barrel 

Frank August reconsiders how America’s native spirit is defined and perceived by continuing to challenge some of the established status quos of the industry. This philosophy is further reflected in how the brand identified their picks for their inaugural “Single Barrel” cask strength release. After Johnathan Crocker, CEO | Co-Founder and one of the industry’s most respected master blenders (unnamed due to NDA agreements) identified their top 10 favorite barrels, the selection process was taken a step further by enlisting the collective expertise of some of the industry’s most respected master distillers and master blenders. An untraditional and unprecedented approach where some of the world’s most discerning palettes selected the final 5 barrels of Frank August’s first ever Single Barrel release. A concept which also reinforces the brand’s effort to evolve and reconsider the identity of bourbon by uniting heritage with modernity. 

“There truly is this philosophy that a rising tide raises all boats within the bourbon industry, especially in Kentucky. Early on Drew (Kulsveen) had shared with me that I’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to help us get the brand off the ground. Honestly, I thought it was a nice passing comment to make. But the only thing we’ve experienced is just that. The release of our first ever single barrel picks is the perfect illustration of this. We have 116 years of combined master distilling and master blending experience that went into the hand selection of these barrels. The fact that these legends offered us their time and collective experience is truly humbling.” CEO | Co Founder, Johnathan Crocker.

This limited release is the first of many more single barrelreleases stillto comewith the brand. Each ofthe 5 barrels were bottled at cask strength, sitting between 123.0 – 125.0 proof and are 5.1 years old; SRP is $119.99. In keeping with the minimal design aesthetic of the brand, the neck label will be what distinguishes each of Frank August’s unique expressions. Single Barrel expressions will be identified by a black label with gold printing and personalized handwriting. 

Case Study 

The third release launching is Frank August's first “Case Study” offering: “Case Study: 01 | Mizunara | Japanese Oak”. The program is named after an American mid-century architectural project, designed as an opportunity for the brand to showcase experimental expressions of bourbon whiskey, through various finishing techniques, blending of whiskies and any other potential opportunities that might eventually present themselves. 

For this foundational release, Frank August finished 5 hand-selected barrels of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, with Mizunara that was medium toasted. As Mizunara is a very porous wood, its ability to impactthe flavor profile of whiskey can happen much quicker than other denser white oaks, like American and European oaks. As a result, sampleswere pulled every 30 days to monitorthe development ofthe flavor profile thatwas being impacted by the Mizunara. 

After an undisclosed time, the flavor profile evolved into a beautiful blend of butterscotch and baking spices. At which time the bourbon whiskey was immediately dumped and batched to preserve those wonderful notes that were created. The final step was to find the perfect proof that highlighted all the remarkable notes that the Mizunara had imparted on the bourbon whiskey, which ended up being 114.4 proof / 62.2 ABV%. 

Less than 1,000 bottles were bottled for this limited release and the SRP is $149.99. 

As a result of the limited release nature of these expressions, they will be distributed in the following markets: CA, AZ, NV, WA, FL, D.C., MD, and DE. 

About Frank August 

Frank August is an American whiskey brand that exists to evolve the identity of bourbon by uniting authenticity with modernity,while atthe same time reconsidering its inherentidentity as America’s native spirit.Respecting heritage and understanding where we’ve come from, while looking forward and projecting those ideals into where we have yet to go. So let the story of bourbon continue, as the story of Frank August begins: America’s Spirit. Be Frank.®

published by: BBTEAM

November 17, 2022
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