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April 27, 2020 - Louisville, KY - Who needs bourbon?

Fortunately, the world’s leading bourbon personalities are hosting Whiskey From Home, a free worldwide virtual event with seminars, tastings, food pairings and cocktails. It’s May 2, starting at 12 p.m ET.

Whiskey From Home lasts five and half hours and streams whiskey-soaked entertainment straight to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, dLink, Periscope, and Twitter using Links to participate in the event are available as a part of the free registration from the streaming partners.

Wall Street Journal-Bestselling author Fred Minnick and Bourbon Hall of Fame inductee Peggy Noe Stevens headline the bourbon personalities. These two alone have, combined, conducted more than 1,000 bourbon seminars around the world. 

Whiskey From Home includes bourbon history, the best bourbons to buy right now, craft whiskey exploration, how to host a kick-ass tasting, and blind flights. Viewers can purchase bourbon, food, and cocktail ingredients from their local stores to follow along with cocktail breaks, a virtual food pairing with Stevens, and a virtual bourbon tasting with Minnick. With an integrated live chat, participants can network with each other and interact with the presenters. 

“This was an opportunity to bring a force of recognizable bourbon names together and build a first of its kind,” says Minnick, a co-founder of Bourbon & Beyond and editor-in-chief of Bourbon+ Magazine. “This gives everyone sitting at home that has ever wanted to attend a whiskey conference a chance to do it for free.”

The entertaining and educational sessions include the following bourbon personalities: Bourbon & Banter, Bourbon Pursuit, Bourbonr, Breaking Bourbon, Dad's Drinking Bourbon, Fred Minnick, It's Bourbon Night, Peggy Noe Stevens, Rare Bird 101, Sipp'n Corn, Subourbia,, The Bourbon Enthusiast, and The Bourbon Review. Sponsored by Rabbit Hole Distillery.

Starting at 12:00pm ET, the full event of interactive online experiences, including the schedule of sessions and the shopping list, is available now on

About Bourbon Pursuit:

Bourbon Pursuit is the leading bourbon whiskey podcast, dubbed as the official podcast of bourbon. Started in 2015, Bourbon Pursuit reaches a global audience with more than 1 million streams per year informing listeners on the next bourbon trends, great bottles, and sharing the personalities behind their favorite brands with interviews from prominent whiskey distilleries. Subscribe to Bourbon Pursuit wherever you get your podcasts and learn more at Follow Bourbon Pursuit on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @bourbonpursuit.

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April 27, 2020
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