Standard: Located in many liquor stores.

Single: Found only in stores that partake in a private barrel program. Not very common.


Standard: $25

Single: $25 (paid $25)


Standard: NAS (Used to carry a 8 year age statement)

Single: NAS


Standard: 93.7

Single: 93.7

Nose: Surprisingly, the standard bottle has the better nose of the two. It’s richer and thicker than the single barrel. In fact, the single barrel’s nose is faint and very unassuming.

Palate: Again, the standard bottle outshines the single barrel. The single barrel is dryer and a tad lighter on flavor. Both pack a lot of flavor, but it’s the standard version that stands out more.

Finish: Both taste stronger than the 93.7 proof listed on the bottle and that’s a great thing. The finish on 1792 really shines and thankfully both bottles have great finishes. Like the palate, the private selection tastes a little bit dryer on the finish. Although, that change actually makes it taste less like 1792 and more like something else entirely.

Value: The price of the single barrel was the same as a standard bottle and I’m not sure this is going to be the case everywhere that sells a private selection of 1792. Since the standard bottle won in each of the categories above and is easily found in most stores, that’s a great thing for bourbon drinkers. Now they just have to bring back the age statement and I’ll be really happy.


The standard bottle of 1792 wins out over the private single barrel. This came as a surprise to me since I automatically thought a single barrel version of one of my favorite $20 bourbons would be better because of it. Again, that’s not to say another store’s 1792 private selection would have the same results I found with mine, but my pick between the two I have, would easily be the standard 1792.

Written By: BB Team

September 4, 2014
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1792 Standard Bottle vs Single Barrel
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