SBC #40 - Del Bac Single Malt Whiskey “True Malt Grit”

Breaking Bourbon Award Winning Single Barrel Club picks are selected by Breaking Bourbon, and whenever possible with the help of Patreon supporters. The bottles are made available to Patreon supporters first by pledge tier. If any bottles remain after all supporters have had an opportunity to purchase, they are made available to the public on a first come, first served basis. Each barrel is sponsored by a retailer partner, who sells the bottles directly to end purchasers.

Retailer Partner: De Wine Spot

Name: Del Bac Single Malt Whiskey

Company: Hamilton Distillers

Distillery: Hamilton Distillers

Age: 1 Year, 28 Days

Proof: 120.6

Mashbill: 100% 2-Row Malted Barley (Unsmoked)

Yield: 65 Bottles

Release Date: April 2021

Single Barrel Club Rollout Schedule (with Starlight Barrel Proof Bourbon)

$25 - Monday 04/05/2021 @ 2PM ET

$14 - Wednesday 04/07/2021 @ 2PM ET

$7 - Friday 04/09/2021 @ 2PM ET

$3, $2, $1 - Monday 04/12/2021 @ 2PM ET


Pick #40 comes from the not widely known but purely original Del Bac Distiller in partnership with De Wine Spot. De Wine Spot is located in Brooklyn, NY, and is one of our premier retailers we’ve partnered with for many picks before.

Del Bac is located in Tucson, Arizona, and brings the spirit and taste of the American Southwest to their whiskey. They do this by malting their barley over mesquite instead of peat like traditional Scotch single malts. From there, they mash, ferment, distill, barrel, and bottle all under one roof. They proudly started distilling using a 5 gallon alembic pot-still from Portugal, and then in 2011 graduated to a 40 gallon pot still. Their still gives their whiskey the additional character that fits their brand well.

Tasting through the single barrel samples we were blown away by the texture of these single malts. Sometimes American single malts can lean more on the elegant side, forgoing raw character. Yet Del Bac does well at never venturing too far outside the box by offering a whiskey that’s unique but also familiar tasting. Using mesquite to malt their barely speaks to the geographical area they’re based in and does well to capture its spirit.

This is why when developing our single barrel sticker for this release we knew we had to convey their uniqueness and “true grit” they use to make their single malt whiskey. Their determination, perseverance, and passion they put into their whiskeys speaks to you through every sip you take.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Malty | Roasted nuts | Caramel chews | Faint peppercorn mix | Approachable

Palate: Creamy caramel | Walnut | Sweet | Tannic oak | Earthy-sweet mix | Ancho chile pepper | Spicy kick

Finish: Nutty | Leather | Sweet vanilla | Light oak | Lingering heat

Distillers, Producers, and Retailers: If you would like to be a part of this program and get your name in front of millions of bourbon enthusiasts, contact us.

Please note these bottles will not be sold by Breaking Bourbon, but will be sold by retailers we partner with in order to fulfill the orders and ship the bottles directly to Patreon supporters. Breaking Bourbon will receive no compensation from our partner retailers under these agreements (with the exception of a bottle from each barrel for editorial purposes). If you represent a retailer and ship to consumers and you’re interested in partnering just let us know!

Written By: BB Team

April 4, 2021
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SBC #40 - Del Bac Single Malt Whiskey “True Malt Grit”
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