Old Elk Master’s Blend Series: Double Wheat


Classification: Blend of Straight Wheat Whiskey and Straight (Wheated) Bourbon

Company: Old Elk Distillery

Distillery: Ross & Squibb Distillery

Release Date: April 2022 (Ongoing)

Proof: 107.1

Age: NAS (Aged 6-8 years per company’s press release)

Mashbill: 71.5% Wheat, 25% Corn, 3.5% Malted Barley

Color: Copper

MSRP: $100 (2022)

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Pretzel dough | Coffee cake | Pie crust | Sweet & inviting


Caramel cream candy | Graham cracker | Toasted marshmallow | Rich & full flavored


Warm cinnamon bun | Maple sugar candy | Slight savory leather | Baking spices on the backend


A unique twist on wheat whiskey, and one the market is ready for.

According to the company’s press release, “Old Elk’s Master’s Blend Series is the creation of new tasting experiences for whiskey aficionados nationwide. ‘By marrying traditional favorites, award-winning bourbons and whiskeys, and a bold sense of adventure, we have created two exquisite, unique whiskies that I am personally very excited to share with the world,’ says Greg Metze.” Double Wheat blends straight wheat whiskey with straight (wheated) bourbon, two expressions distilled by Metze specifically for Old Elk at Ross & Squibb Distillery (formerly MGP) in Indiana.  

Wheat whiskeys and wheated bourbons tend to dance between sweet and tannic, often exhibiting a sharp bite on the backend that can be invigorating but off putting at the same time. Double Wheat immerses itself in sweet territory, starting with bakery scents on the nose and transitioning through a barrage of sweet flavors from palate to finish. A slight savory leather mingles in on the finish, but even there the sweet flavors and baking spices maintain their richness. The overall flavor is an interesting play on wheat(ed) whiskey, and a delicious one at that. It's a unique twist on wheat whiskey, and one the market is ready for.

The sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost courtesy its respective company. We thank them for allowing us to review it with no strings attached.
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Written By: Nick Beiter

June 27, 2022
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Old Elk Master’s Blend Series: Double Wheat
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