Lost Lantern 2024 Single Cask #10: High Wire South Carolina Straight Bourbon


Classification: Straight Bourbon

Company: Lost Lantern

Distillery: Sourced from High Wire Distilling Company

Release Date: July 11, 2024

Proof: 117.4

Age: 3 Years

Mashbill: 100% Jimmy Red Corn

Color: Bright Bronze

MSRP: $120 / 750mL (2024)

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Press Release

Highwire Distilling is located in Charleston, South Carolina. Founded by husband-and-wife team Scott Blackwell and Ann Marshall, High Wire Distilling makes small batch spirits distilled in a hand-hammered, German copper still. The company’s flagship product is Jimmy Red, made from 100% Jimmy Red corn sourced from Turnbridge Farm in Darlington, South Carolina. A rare heirloom, Jimmy Red corn is a “varietal that the brand has worked tirelessly to bring back from the brink of extinction."

Lost Lantern is located in Vergennes, Vermont. Founded by Nora Ganley-Roper and Adam Polonsi, the company is an independent bottler who seeks out unique whiskeys from across the country. Often bottled as single casks, the company has now released whiskey from more than 30 distilleries in over 20 states.

Lost Lantern 2024 Single Cask #10: High Wire South Carolina Straight Bourbon is a 200 bottle release.


Opening with scents of corn and young oak reveals the bourbon's youth and 100% corn grain mashbill, but it also doesn’t tell the whole story. Inhaling deeper reveals scents of raisin-topped hot crossed buns, light vanilla, and walnuts. There’s a slight trace of ethanol, but nothing distracting. Overall, the combination of flavors is a really nice, albeit slightly straightforward opening to the sip.


The palate carries over only some of the notes found in the nose, with light oak and a vanilla sweetness popping up. Joining this is an orange zest flavor along with white peppercorn and cinnamon spice that adds dimension. Combined, these flavors form an almost candy-like note that produces an enjoyable midpoint that easily forms the highlight of the sip.


The end of the sip starts off with a flash of sweet cinnamon spice. This is quickly joined with charred oak and white peppercorn. There are slight leather and sweet vanilla notes, however, both are fleeting. The heat builds thanks to the bourbon’s proof before quickly fading. Much like the nose, it’s a straightforward and nice way to end the sip.


Unique corn grain varietals are nothing new when it comes to distilling whiskey, though their numbers are low in comparison. Often distilleries play with different corn types to extract a different flavor profile out of their whiskey. While varietals like Bloody Butcher Red corn have become more common in use by distillers in the last few years, Jimmy Red corn is a varietal that was on the brink of extinction not too long ago. In fact, Highwire Distilling had a heavy hand in helping bring it back from near-extinction. It’s a fascinating story that this review won’t do justice to in full, but the main takeaway is that it’s amazing to think that it all started with just two ears of corn that have since grown acres upon acres that are harvested each year.

Normally Jimmy Red Corn bourbon is bottled at 95 proof after being aged for a minimum of 2 years. While the brand did release a special 10 year anniversary bottled in bond edition, this was, of course, bottled at 100 proof. By selecting the barrel they did, Lost Lantern has allowed consumers the opportunity to taste a barrel proof version of High Wire Distilling Jimmy Red Corn.

In the case of this 2024 Single Cask #10, the sip is what you might expect from a 100% corn whiskey. However, those expecting a one-dimensional flavor profile will walk away surprised. The usage of Jimmy Red produces an almost candy-like note in the palate, along with a sweet cinnamon and white peppercorn spice, which further adds dimension. It isn’t the deepest of sips, but it does afford consumers the chance to try a corn varietal they most likely haven’t had before, which will be much appreciated by bourbon enthusiasts seeking to expand their Rolodex of grain varietals they’ve tried before.


Like most Lost Lantern releases, access to these bottles comes at a cost. In the case of 2024 Single Cask #10, you're paying over $100 for a 3 year old bourbon, which to many consumers will be an instant turn-off. When you take into consideration that High Wire Distilling Company normally charges around $80 for their standard 95 proof Jimmy Red corn that is aged a minimum of 2 years, the price for this release starts to be viewed in a new light. If barrel proof releases of Jimmy Red corn were more common, the MSRP for this release might be a hard pill to swallow. However, it is not, and in light of that, this very much falls into the more limited-release category that is priced at a reasonable amount when taking all of this into account.


Lost Lantern fully lives up to their mission of “shining a light on the independent spirit” with the release of this unique 100% Jimmy Red corn bourbon from High Wire Distilling Company.

Lost Lantern has proven time and time again that they have a knack for selecting barrels that highlight a distillery in a good light. With the company’s release of 2024 Single Cask #10, they do exactly that for High Wire Distilling Company. The flavor profile of this bourbon will be unique for those who like to seek out different corn varietals, and for many, it will be their first exposure to High Wire Distilling Company and their usage of 100% Jimmy Red corn. It doesn’t reach the same highs that past Lost Lantern releases have touched, yet it still offers a unique sip at a justifiable price. If you haven’t explored Lost Lantern’s past releases, this release is a solid representation of what the brand tries to embody, delivering a sip that is easy to enjoy.

The sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost courtesy its respective company. We thank them for allowing us to review it with no strings attached.
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Written By: Jordan Moskal

June 28, 2024
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Lost Lantern 2024 Single Cask #10: High Wire South Carolina Straight Bourbon
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