Kooper Family Rye

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Classification: A Blend of Straight Rye Whiskeys Finished in Used Bourbon Barrels

Company: Kooper Family Whiskey Co.

Distillery: 3 year old rye is from MGP and 5 year old rye is from an undisclosed distillery in Tennessee

Release Date: Ongoing

Proof: 90

Age: Blend of 3 & 5 year old straight ryes

Mashbill: 3 Year Rye : 95% Rye, 5% Malt; 5 Year Rye: 51% Rye, 36% Corn, 13% Malt

Color: Copper

MSRP: $40 (2020)

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Custard | Creme brulee | Vanilla | Raisins | Seasoned oak | Delicious rich nose


Creme brulee | Caramel | Cinnamon | Butter | Soft fruit | Incredibly rich bakery


Rye spice | Syrupy vanilla | Baking spice | Seasoned oak


I guess when you source whiskey you technically own it, however Kooper Family Rye’s label definitely gives the impression that Kooper Family Whiskey Co. distilled it by saying “our” multiple times when referring to the whiskey used in the blend (although they never used “distilled” on the label). Despite this, Kooper Family Rye is a winner. It’s an incredibly rich tasting rye that is filled with delicious bakery-type flavors. Interestingly, their bottle and website doesn’t make reference to this being finished in used bourbon barrels to achieve this, but you can’t disagree with the results. It can be surprisingly a bit hot at times for a 90 proof whiskey, but a few dabs of water help this. All in though, it is an amazing tasting whiskey that you should buy right now.

The sample used for this review was provided to us at no cost courtesy its respective company. We thank them for allowing us to review it with no strings attached.
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Written By: Eric

August 10, 2020
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Kooper Family Rye
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