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Episode #72
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- Everyone is expanding. New Distilleries are coming online. Shortages of stave mills are causing cooperages to increase prices and reduce allocation of barrels. There are more brands and product extensions popping up every day. This is a side effect of the boom but what will happen when everything evens out, production goes as planned, and then we see an overproduction?

- Russell’s Reserve has debuted an all-new, annual limited-edition collection: Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse. The inaugural release, Russell’s Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson C, features liquid from only 72 barrels from the now dismantled, seven-story rickhouse, Camp Nelson C. It's safe to say this is something that bourbon geeks wanted. However, the price tag is $250.

- Is this deserving of that premium price tag?Back in February of this year, one of Angel's Envy's founders Wes Henderson announced his retirement. This week Angel's Envy announced announced that Owen Martin will be joining the company as Master Distiller from Stranahans. As a company that has never had a master distiller as a public figure, was this a move to find Wes' replacement?

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Episode #87

- Is big bourbon just better than everything else?

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Episode #72
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